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Project Management

Why Project Management?
Understanding effective project management techniques helps organizations carry out large-scale projects on time, budget and with minimal disruption to operational activities.
Why Dyootrust?
Our team of certified and experienced Project Managers, with expertise in IT, Oil and Gas, Banking, HR Outsourcing, Manufacturing and Retail sectors, are committed to delivering a successful hardware and software solutions from project inception to closure for our clients.
What approach does Dyootrust adopt?
We use the Plan-Do-Check-Act model in all the projects we undertake.
At a high level, Dyootrust Consultants collaborates with the client to determine the aim of each IT initiative, key stakeholders and the desired deliverables, and then aligns the chosen solution's functionalities with our clients requirements.
We detail out the tasks and the corresponding dependencies (time, costs, resources, and so on) required to achieve the outlined client's goal.             
The tasks are implemented as planned. This effort is geared towards attaining the strategic objectives of our client's. We test the solutions and train project team on how the solution should be utilized.       
Monitoring & Controlling  
We constantly evaluate the outcome of the project, every step of the way, to ensure that the agreed upon outcome is delivered on time, within scope, on budget. We also ensure that any deviation from the plan is spotted and addressed immediately to derive a quality solution, and attain high customer satisfaction.
We document lessons learned, handover the solutions functionalities and transfer knowledge as the project progresses. We obtain the necessary sign-offs and archive project documents.
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