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Enterprise Software Implementation 

We specialize in deploying affordable business solutions that provide 

real-time business information and analytics system for Business Managers to make sound decisions. It integrates all the business functions across a typical organisation – Sales and Marketing, Financials, Inventory, Purchasing, Project Management, Manufacturing, Warehouses, Human Resource Management, Payrolls, Reports & Business Intelligence.

Why engage Dyootrust?

With years of experience in the implementation of Business Solutions for Multinational companies, we have recognized the growing need for small businesses to harness the benefits of technological innovations. We are passionate about helping small businesses realize optimum efficiency and visibility.

What we are offering?

Our products and services are affordable and focus on streamlining critical finance, sales and procurement processes with a convenient payment plan for investment in software  and other devices. Our product offerings include;

  • Enterprise  resource planning Solutions (ERP)

  • Customer relationship management Solutions (CRM)

  • Point-of-Sale solution

  • Cloud based accounting solution

  • HR Management solution

Dyootrust Software Deployment
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